The Lovable Losers

I’m very sad that the Cubs lost. I think that Red Sox fans understand the Cubs more than anybody else (except, of course, Cubs fans). A Cubs/Red Sox World Series would have been something incredible. I can’t think of anything more boring than a Yankees/Marlins World Series. Everyone I’ve spoken to, to a person, who is not a Yankee fan speaks of how sick they are of the Yankees. And who honestly cares about the Marlins?

On the flip side, the Red Sox live to fight another day and Nomar seems to have figured out how to use a bat again, so there’s still hope. Ann forgot the game was on this afternoon and turned it on. Right when she turned it on, the Yankees got two runs to move up to 3 runs to the Red Sox 4. She immediately turned it off.

When I got home, I turned it on and saw that we were losing. So I turned it off.

Next time we turned it on, they were ahead and we turned it right off again.

Next time we turned it on, a Yankee got walked.

Clearly, the secret this time is for us not to be watching the game.

So, we didn’t watch and we won. I tried to watch the last two outs of the 9th inning but Ann nearly killed me getting the remote out of my hands to turn it off.

So… Pedro vs. Clemens. As Kevin Millar correctly pointed out during the A’s series “Do you honestly thing Pedro is going to lose twice in the same series?” I amend that to say “Do you honestly think Clemens isn’t going to have one of his psychotic episodes and blow the game?” Knock on wood. The World Series may yet be worth watching…