I have shut off commenting across this entire site. Honestly, I’m just sick of that aspect of things. Comments fell into a few categories:

  1. Spam (the majority, and a waste of my time)
  2. People asking questions of me as if I were the actual author of those items to which I linked. Either I am unclear when I cite items, people really don’t get how weblogs work, people are really that stupid, or all of the above.
  3. Comments to entries that are so old that I wondered why the commenters bothered. It’s not like there’s active, ongoing, interesting debate happening out there. It’s just another entry on a long-forgotten page.
  4. Good comments to a current entry. I think this has happened two or three times ever.

In short, if you have something to say, post it in your own blog and do a trackback ping. If you can’t do that, then email me or post to your own site and email me that you did so I can check in and respond if I feel like it.