It’s all about the Pocky

Our new super-amazing grocery store, Wegmans just opened and it is truly a marvel. We went in with a mental checklist of a few items we used to love back in Boston that we’ve bee completely unable to find down here. These include:

Ok, we weren’t actually looking for all of those. The Gelato and the Pocky were two things that I had long since stopped trying to find. Ironically, those are the two things I did manage to stumble upon. When I found the Ciao Bella, I was alone with Jack and I got all excited. Jack, quick to pick up on anything fun, ran with it and began announcing to anyone who would listen, “We found it! They have it! It’s here! Look! Look!” When I found the Pocky, I was alone (Ann was off with Jack elsewhere.) I, again, did a somewhat giddy dance and a family standing nearby came up to me and said, “Did you live in Japan too?” I replied that, no, I did not. But in Cambridge we lived right by a wonderful Japanese market which spoiled us on Soba noodles, incredible sushi, and Pocky. I asked them for advice on some of the other foods they had there and went home with some crunchy koala bears filled with some really good strawberry goo (a big hit with Jack) and a can of Wasabi Peas which I have been eating in alarming quantities (generally until my head explodes).

But, ultimately, it’s the Pocky that has me so happy. It was always a big treat for us as we rarely ever had it around the house. Jack’s never had it before since we moved out of Cambridge when he was 4 months old.

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