I Rewrite the Songs…

So, I was thinking about the Yankees no longer selling Cracker Jacks and how absurd the whole thing was. Lee, a guy at work, thinks that this is the start of a new curse on them. He says we’ll look back years later at a string of losses and it will all point back to this. I think he’s right. I also think that the person who made the call is secretly a Red Sox fan. It’s too good a conspiracy theory to pass up.

Anyway, I got to thinkig about what they’ll sing during the seventh inning stretch and how they have to take out Cracker Jacks. So, I figured, why not rewrite the entire song…

We must take out the Red Sox
We must not ever lose
We’ll buy a new team to ensure a win
Larry boy just won’t know what hit him
So it’s root, root, root for the Yankees
If they don’t win, George will lay blame
And he’ll buy up a whole new team
to win the ball game!