Old Friends

I haven’t seen Jim in 10 years. Almost exactly, in fact. I’d had a bad breakup, a get-back-together, a re-breakup, followed by a torrid affair and I needed to get out of Hanover in a hurry and recharge my battered batteries. Hey, it was 1994. I was melodramatic. I had to make the narrative fit.

Anyway, I got in my car and drove south, stopping to visit people along the way. I saw my sister in New York, Chris and Anne-Marie down in DC along with Peter and a few other people I knew from College and the Fraternity. Then I drove on to North Carolina to visit Jim.

So, it’s 10 years later and we’re finally getting together again. Life’s sure different now. Spouses, kids, the works. But it should be fun. We’re having a mini reunion tomorrow with Chris, Daniel, Sumi and various and sundry friends and relations. And, I’m sure, a whole heck of a lot of cicadas.

Cicada Musings: they really are everywhere. And it’s really a lot of fun. Walking in Arlington near the office I had two land on me and crawl around. I let them. I figured they needed a rest. If you’ve ever watched them fly, you know what I mean.

OK, they’re here. I must stop this and let them in.