Shrodinger’s Red Sox

Ann and I are watching the Red Sox game which we tivo’d earlier today. We got to talking about whether she could jinx the Sox by saying that we are going to win since the game is already over and they already either have or have not won. She can’t actually influence the game. I said that for us, it’s like Schrodinger’s Cat and it the game is in a superposition: the Sox have both won and lost until we (a) watch to the end or (b) sneak a peak online at the final score.

So, what if the Sox have already won out there in reality. Ann says that they will win and that jinxes the game and they lose. Then she has altered reality and changed the end result even after the fact.

Of course, one could argue that mixing baseball superstition with quantum physics (a superstitionposition) is a sign of a demented mind…