Gettysburg, PA

I’m up in Gettysburg, PA today attending a General Services Administration (GSA) sponsored Section 508 meeting for 508 coordinators in the federal government. The vendor portion of the day is over and I have another hour to kill before dinner tonight at which I am the keynote speaker.

This is a very cute town. Of course, the late afternoon light which is so beautiful in the early winter/late fall helps. We drove up to the visitor center and checked out part of the battlefield. I’m pretty sure my Great Great Grandfather, Andrew Jackson Williams, fought here. He was in the 71st PA Infantry, company C under Captain John Markoe (after whom he named his son. My father, in turn, was John Markoe Williams III).

I took some pictures which I’ll post when I get home. I forgot the card to get the pictures from my camera into my laptop. Oops.