Recording Skype Calls

I figured out how to record Skype calls. I’ve seen a lot of confusion on this so hopefully this will help someone else. If nothing else, this will serve to remind me later when I forget what i did.

Basically, I started with the information from Engadget’s Podcasting Article as a starting point.

Using the tools they specify, I set the following:

System Preferences Settings: Sound input: Soundflower (2ch), Sound output: Headphones.

Line In: Input Device: iMic USB audio (my sound input port is dead so I use an iMic), Output: Soundflower (2ch).

Skype: Audio Input and Output: Soundflower (2ch)

Audio Hijack Pro: Created a new entry in the left panel called “Skype Conversation” and set it to hijack an audio device as follows: Input: Soundflower (2ch), Output: Built-in Audio, Headphones.

Once all of that was set, I was able to place a Skypeout call to my home phone and was able to record it (and hear myself at the same time 🙂

Special thanks to this site which, while in Italian, had enough pictures for me to figure out what to do.

For a screen shot of all of the various settings windows at once, see this screen snapshot.

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