Strange New World: No ‘Star Trek’

Orson Scott Card, a writer whose works I’ve always enjoyed but who’s opinions I’ve usually disagreed with, often vehemently, expresses an opinion I find myself agreeing with this time around. He asks why Star Trek was so popular given how truly awful it always tended to be. As a long-time Trek watcher (my sister grew up with the original series and got me into it and she and I read and shared many of the books over the years. In recent years my interest has waned and I have barely ever watched Enterprise) I initially began disagreeing with what Card was saying but found myself beginning to agree more and more. I am disappointed he didn’t actually mention Babylon 5 in his piece given that it is the one show that has a complete through-line across all five seasons having been conceived as a five-season single “novel” rather than as a series of make-it-up-as-you go episodes or seasons. But, either way, I have to agree with his opinions of Star Trek. (My only caveat is that I still enjoy Star Trek, not as deep thinking television but more as fun brain candy, more for escapism and nostalgia than for true Science Fictiony goodness.)

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