Unexpected Present

Andy drinking out of his new Take Control MugI was surprised to see UPS stop at my house today and bring me this! It’s a gift from my publishers at Take Control Books: A mug reading “Take Control of your Hot Steaming Beverage” Excellent! Thanks guys!

With the recent announcements from Apple of iLife ’06, I will be doing a lot of fast writing to get the book updated for GarageBand’s new podcasting features. Just need to get my hands on a copy… Gotta admit, I’m pretty excited about iLife ’06. There’s a lot of interesting stuff there and even iWeb is enticing. Normally I avoid these make-it-easy tools but this really looks like something that not only makes it easy to maintain good quality webbiness, but makes it fun as well. We shall see…

Back to my new mug. It wasn’t out of the box 10 minutes before it was filled withTibetan Tiger tea.

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