Ok, ok… sheesh…

So, once upon a time I was messing with my sister’s laptop and I made this blog her home page in Safari. So, when I was down visiting last weekend she gave me a hard time for not updating my blog recently. So, here’s an update so her browser’s home page has a more recent date. I’ve been (everyone say it with me) busy.

Since my last post I’ve been doing a lot of contract and volunteer work and I started a full-time contract with Sykes who sells me to SAIC who sells me to Pfizer. In short, I’ve been working for Pfizer in New London, CT for the last 5 or 6 weeks as a project manager.

The nice part about this work is that my main customers are all in the New York headquarters. In the last five weeks I’ve been to New York three times on business and am already racking up the Amtrak Acela frequent… uh… rider? miles. And I get to see my sister and her family a lot which, in turn, means getting a hard time for not updating my blog.

Outside of work and travel, I’ve also updated Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac to a new edition which covers GarageBand 3 in depth and launched a new podcast companion to the book as well. And I just finished reading Matt Ridley’s Nature Via Nurture, a truly fascinating book about genetics and the long, and silly battle over nature versus nurture (short answer: it’s both).

So, that’s a quick summary of my life over the last two months. I’d say I’ll be posting more and more frequently but I am insanely (everyone say it with me again) busy. But I’ll try. Really, I will.

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