Pumpkin Spice is Back…

Pumpkin Spice is Back

Pumpkin Spice is Back,
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It was Ann’s birthday (Happy Birthday Ann!), it was Jack’s first day of first grade. It was the day I found the first autumn leaf on my lawn. It was the first day that Starbucks had pumpkin spice back in. I ordered my “usual” for all but Christmastime and the spring and summer: A grande, non-fat, no-water, pumpkin spice chai. And it was heavenly. Michelle, our favorite barista, teased me a few weeks back that they weren’t doing pumpkin spice this year and I turned to her manager and said, “Fire her please? She’s mean.” Michelle was bummed she didn’t get to see me have the first one of the season. She was off this particular day. I’m so glad fall is arriving. It truly is my favorite season.