Among Madmen

Ajw-MadmanSo, I got this incredible email today asking if a certain picture of me that was found via google could be used for an article. See, for one of my co-ed fraternity composites in the years after I graduated but still hung around, I decided to have my picture taken as I was hosing a pledges blackbook (either you understand that sentence, or you don’t. I am not explaining it further.) I did. And that was that. It was about 15 years ago.

Ajwa-Madman2Well, this person contacted me about using my picture for an article in which they need a picture of what looks like a crazed evangelical. I’m all for it so I said yes. When I posted about this to the fraternity email list (what, I’m too old to be on such a list? Tell that to all of the other alumni on said list) someone asked if I should update the picture. So, I figured, why not?

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