Why I no blog?

Why I no blog? Mainly because I’ve been busy but also because we’ve been dealing with a lot of stressful life events. And when that happens, my desire to post dwindles to zero. Since February, we’ve been dealing with the declining health of my father-in-law and the rehabilitation of my mother-in-law’s broken knee. The net result of which is him in a nursing home and her moving in with us (later this week). But the journey from there to here over the last three months has been fraught with all kinds of stress, pain, drama, trauma, and other fun things which really don’t make for entertaining blog reading.

Now that things are starting to settle again, I hope to get back to semi-regular posting shortly. In the meantime, there’s new pictures in flickr (see side-bar of main blog page) and those of you who are on my LJ friends list can read about the above stress in far more detail than I’m presenting here (there’s public and then there’s public…)