Candidate Positions

Flickr Photo Download_ Election _08 Chart of Where the Candidates Stand

This is a great chart showing all of the candidates’ positions on various issues. Makes me realize how many of them are scary. And how few I find match my own positions. Found via (which also includes some other interesting links and commentary on this). I have to admit, I’ve taken a rather large break in thinking about what’s happening in the world beyond casual observation. Part of it has been a strong sense of depression at how bad things have gotten. Some of it is also a sense of futility. In hindsight, that’s a terrible attitude to have. We elect our government. We have a responsibility to stand up for what we believe in and elect those people who feel the same way. To sit back and say that nothing I can do matters is the worst thing I can do. So, it’s time to start paying attention again and getting involved. We have a year until the election. It’s time to get started.