WireTap Studio Article Published

My review of WireTap Studio has been published and is up on TidBITS’ website. I really enjoyed playing with this tool and as much as I am huge fanboy of Rogue Amoeba’s products, I have to admit that they’ve been leapfrogged by Ambrosia. Of course, that means that the next releases of Fission and Audio Hijack Pro will both be very exciting as I have no doubt that they will, in turn, leapfrog Ambrosia.
I would love to start producing podcasts again, especially my long dormant Take Control of Podcasting Podcast. What I lack is a studio (I had to move my desk into the back of the kitchen for many reasons — right near an old, noisy refrigerator) and every day my aging 1.25GHz PowerBook G4 just seems slower and less able… we’re going to get a new, hot stuff iMac soon and when we do, I fully expect to go a little crazy on that and other projects. So, I’m itching to do more with these audio tools but don’t feel I really can just yet.

For now, I’m content to digitize old cassette tapes and clean up the audio as best I can.