I never do resolutions. I have always found them trite. I tend to resolve to do things when I need to do so and don’t need an arbitrary date to get things moving. For example, I began losing weight and lost over 40 pounds from July to December. I’ll continue to do so moving forward until I reach my target weight. But, after doing and completing NaNoWriMo and after reading an posting by NaNoWriMo creator, Chris Baty, about a Big, Fun, Scary challenge for the new year, I feel the need to set some goals for myself.

First, are the obvious ones such as continuing to lose weight, eat healthy, and walk every day (or perform some level of exercise). Add to these that I want to read more than I have been the last few years. When I used to commute to work, I had plenty of time to read and did so. Now, I work from home and fill the time with other activities.

The next level up, more at the project level than the daily activity level, has to do with investing and financial management. I’m not posting details as I do not have any yet. I have an idea what I want to do and how to get there and I’ll leave it at that.

Finally, at the “Big, Scary, Fun” level is that I want to take up art again and finally learn to draw and do watercolors. This comes and goes over the years but I was inspired by the Hopper exhibit we just saw at the National Gallery in DC and want to make this happen.

So, there they are. I’ll post progress reports as I move forward and you are welcome to badger me if I fail to do so. The best way to meet goals is to have someone looking over your shoulder, I find.

Happy New Year!