Presenting at the New Media Expo


Ed Vawter and I will be co-presenting at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas this summer. Our session is entitled GarageBand ’08 and Practical Podcast Plugins: Enhancing Your Podcast. I’m very excited to be getting back out there again. After running two podcasts, writing an article and a book, I let podcasting fall by the wayside and have done little to keep up with it. But all of that is changing. With this expo coming up and because I let my own interests take a back seat to all of our family drama in 2007, I am finally getting back out there. As a result, I am actually planning on going much farther than I’d gone before. I will be outfitting a home studio, getting new audio equipment, exploring plugins (beyond the basics I’ve always used), experimenting with new software, and even working on sound proofing materials to improve my recording space. What will be fun is that I plan on podcasting the entire process so my listeners will learn as I learn.

So, this is going to be a fun year for me as I reconnect with a hobby I enjoy and prepare to speak in Las Vegas in August.

If you are interested in attending the expo, please register via this link. It will benefit me down the road, even a little.