What is up with socks in Montana and Vermont?

We are easily amused. Falling neatly into that category is the “Everybody Votes” channel on our Wii. For the un-Wii among you, this is a feature of the Wii where random questions appear every week or so which ask a two-choice question. All Wii users get the same question and the votes are tabulated and results presented showing overall percentages and results by state or country (if national or world-wide in scope). Recently, the following question appeared:



“If you are missing a sock, where is it likely to be found?” and the choices were, “The dryer ate it” and “It’s under the bed.”

The majority of people said that it was under the bed. But when you view the results by state, something very interesting happens:



Every state in the Union (especially New York which is darkest green) says that the missing socks are under the bed. But if you look closely, Montana and Vermont, and only those two states, trend more towards the drier eating socks. I just think this is really funny and had to share.


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