Joy and Camaraderie

This past year in Cub Scouts has been a tumultuous one. I don’t really want to go into details because there are far too many ways to offend people or hurt feelings. And that’s mainly why I’ve never really blogged or tweeted about what’s been going on. But let’s leave it at this: the den leaders got together in early fall and demanded a change in leadership to right a whole host of wrongs that had been going on. It took a few months from that point for real change to happen but it finally did. How and what is not important. Suffice it to say that the problems are now over and gone.

This past weekend, our pack held the annual Pinewood Derby. For the three of you out there who are not familiar with this, it is a race of scout-made wooden cars on a wooden track (I’ll let you figure out what kind of wood the cars are) using only gravity to propel the cars. This was our first pack event without any influence or involvement from the source of the problems and it was a markedly different event from all others we have held to date. When we met to set up up the track and the finish line software, screen and laptop and the sound system on Friday night, we had fun. It was all joy and camaraderie. On Saturday, the entire event ran smoothly and everyone had fun. There were no politics, no last-minute insanities brought about by poor planning or last-minute changes. Everything just worked and everyone worked together like a fantastic team.

I had forgotten that things could operate that way after so much dysfunction for so very long. I’m still in a good mood from how wonderfully the weekend went and look forward to what this great team will do for our boys moving forward.

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