Take Control of Podcasting (the Podcast) Reboot!

[This post was originally posted to tcopodcasting.posterous.com]

Hello (again) World! Welcome to TCoPodcasting.posterous.com! This site (is in the process of becoming) the new web (and RSS) home of Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac: The Podcast. And I’m being sly and renaming it slightly. I’m calling it Take Control of Podcasting and expanding my coverage to include the iPhone because the iPhone has become a viable platform for end-to-end podcasting. It’s also a great tool as part of a workflow as well.

I’m going to keep the old site alive a while longer while I finish moving everything over to here.

It will continue to act as a companion to my ebook and will continue to be 100% free. The book is not required but if you do buy a copy of the book, you are helping fund my ability to buy better equipment, test, and help you get started doing an awesome show.

Ok, I know you’re saying, “Sure. A new site. But where’s a new episode?” Well, hold that thought. I’ll have a new episode up and running as soon as I get all of the old ones moved over. Heck, maybe I’ll get one here sooner… you never know…

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