JWU Presentation

Last week, I gave a one hour (or so) presentation on Project Management at Johnson and Wales University. I was invited to speak by Bridge Technical Solutions. I spoke about my own career trajectory and how I ended up in Project Management and what being a PM is like out in the real world. I called the talk “Stories from the Trenches” and focused on three large projects I had worked on among the many in my career and what lessons can be learned from them. I also spoke about my strong belief that it is the responsibility of a PM to always be honest with their clients and to have a strong core of integrity in everything he or she does. I was very pleased when one of the students attending thanked me specifically for that sentiment.

Bridge’s blog about my talk can be found here: BRIDGE Coordinates Speaker at Local University to Give Students a Taste of Real World Experience « Bridge Technical Solutions’ Blog

I am debating putting the deck online. I am just not sure that the bullets are as useful or as compelling as the actual talking itself.

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