Running: Day 4

Day 4: Oh boy…

Today, the iterations changed to 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking. That extra 30 seconds of running in each iteration (thankfully six instead of eight this time) scared me. I had always been at the “Oh Man, 3 more seconds, I can do it… oh man oh man…” point last week. Now we were adding another 30 seconds to each round? Well, I survived it. And since Jack couldn’t find his earbuds, I ran without my headset and we talked as we ran. Or, rather, he talked. I made vague grunting noises from time to time. (“Grunt once for yes…”) On our final walk, we both pant-grunted Viva la Vida by Coldplay. We had gotten to that state of silly.

All in all, I survived it and I am starting to realize that I am getting stronger and I am able to push farther through this. It’s a wonderful feeling. It helped immensely that the weather was absolutely glorious this morning. It was a joy to be outside in it and to be chatting with Jack as we went along. I’m looking forward to Thursday’s run!