Housecleaning, and a new Venture

So, it’s been asked so I’ll answer: no, I haven’t given up on the photo-a-day project. I just changed the backend processes that directed where newly shared pictures go so they send them to tumblr instead of here. Click on the Photography link above and you’ll see them in all their glory.

The big news is that I am starting a new blog. I am creating a place for my long-form posts (such as posts like the one on Kids and Social Media from a few years ago) to go. The idea is to create a space where I can explore our modern digital world and make sense of it all (or at least try to) and to  encourage myself to write more often. I hope to launch it shortly so watch this space for details. This blog will remain for my experiments in photography, autobiographical posts, and things that are less serious and not appropriate for the new blog. And I’m hoping that my writing more will actually bleed over to this blog so I will have more content to post here.

And now you know.