There is no six?

Six years ago today, Ann and I got married. The day was an incredibly gorgeous day. For mid-May, the weather is always risky in Rhode Island but we certainly got lucky with the temperature in the 70s, bright sun, and no wind. Even the sunset cruise around the bay, while incredibly cold thanks to the temperature of the water that time of year, was gorgeous. All in all, a perfect day.

We had two sets of plans today. We thought we bought tickets to today’s Nationals versus Cubs game through Jack’s T-Ball league but no one ever confirmed with us. So, in case we didn’t actually have tickets, I also lined up a babysitter so we could instead go out to dinner or a movie (and here all the people who know me far too well all shout “FOOD! MOVIE! WEASEL!” and the rest of you just look somewhat confused and simply smile and nod).

I went yesterday to the ticket pickup to see if there were any for us. Sure enough, there were. I paid and when I got home, I emailed the sitter to say thanks, but no thanks. (Doing both the game and going out would be too much.)

Now, Jack has been on and off sick for 2+ weeks now. It started as a nasty viral thing with a high temperature and general nastiness and then evolved into an ear infection. Then, six days into his antibiotics, some new viral thing grabbed ahold of him and caused him to start throwing up and being miserable again. He missed his T-Ball practice, his fourth game in a row, and we had to cancel weekend plans with out of town friends. But on Saturday he was feeling much better, though we decided to still have him miss his game as a precaution since we really didn’t want to miss going to the Nationals game today.

This morning, at breakfast, he threw up again. So, there went the Nationals game as we kept Jack home yet again. Yesterday, I picked up a used copy of Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex for PS2 (Jack and I had finished all of the PS1 Crash Bandicoots as of Friday) and we stayed in and played it most of the weekend. We’re on level 25 of 25 with just this last level and one more boss level to go. What on earth will we play when this is over?

As for Ann and I? We celebrated our sixth anniversary in an oddly appropriate way: we worked out back for a few hours planting new plants, relocating plants suddenly hidden under hostas that were much smaller last year, and weeding. It was a strangely nice way to spend an anniversary. Although I have to work tonight so we can’t have an us night in front of the TV watching some or other movie…

…then again… nothing is time critical… and it is our anniversary… ah screw it. I can work a long day tomorrow to catch up…