Interview in Social Media Week

I was interviewed for Social Media Week on the topic of Children and Social Media. While I do think about this topic a great deal (as is evidenced by how much I’ve written and spoken on the subject), I am turning my attention to how I, as an adult, communicate with my Facebook friends who are under 18 year of age (yes, an article is being written). It’s an interesting topic mainly because I am still figuring it all out for myself. If anyone has any insights from their own experiences, I’d love to hear them.

Children and Social Media Revisited

A blog post from last summer that was turned into an article in TidBITS last fall has now been quoted in an NPR article examining the subject of children and social media. When I told Jack he was going to be mentioned in a National Public Radio article his eyes widened and he said, “National?” and then did a little dance.

One point I did not make clearly in my comments to the author of the article and that I did not really make in my own writing is that the one thing I do not want to do is teach him to lie to get around the rules. He’ll learn that cynical lesson in his own time. As things stand now, he does not have a Facebook account nor does he need one. When he’s older he can have one. For now, there’s plenty of other things both online and outside he can experience.