The Keys

In early 1986, I met Maureen (Mo) for the first time. I was going to hang out with Ellen and Mo was there too. This was near my birthday so Mo bought me some baby keys as a present. Not long after, Maureen and I began dating and made all of our friends crazy with our drama.
Today, I dug out my bike to ride to the Comic Doctor to play some Magic since Ann has the car. It’s the first time I’ve ridden this year so it took some work inflating, greasing, and tightening. I put my saddle bag on and checked inside. 23 years later, the keys Maureen gave me are still in there. Right where they’ve been since 1986.
Funny how I’ve never really noticed them before this year. Must be all the “getting back in touch” happening on Facebook.
And, also fitting as I am missing my Dartmouth reunion right now is the yellow sheet of paper (just visible in the bag in the picture) from my Freshman trip detailing what supplies I needed for that bike trip. Also, still in my saddle bag.

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