A Leap

A Leap

Since we returned to New England in late 2005 I’ve been working as an IT Project Manager in Big Pharma. Three years at Pfizer, one at Merck, and then one more back at Pfizer again. I’ve learned a great deal and made many great connections and more than a few good friends in the process and I could happily continue on this path were it not for an old friend from college.

My current contract at Pfizer is a quick three month stint up in Cambridge, MA, my old stomping grounds from grad school. I don’t actually mind the commute, I’d recently become an Audible.com addict and I’ve “read” a great many books thanks to the drive. And I also got to see many old friends (and hopefully will see a few more before my last day next Friday). But because the contract is only 3 months, I started looking for my next contract almost immediately. I’ve learned in this line of work that you always keep looking for new work and that you make every effort to have the next gig lined up when the current one ends so you have no unpaid downtime. Last year it didn’t work out that well and I ended up having to leave Merck sooner than I’d wanted to start a high profile project at Pfizer.

Early into this process my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and was floored. It was Joe, a buddy of mine from college I hadn’t spoken to in something like 17 years (no, I am not counting that initial, “Dood! How you been?!” message that is mandatory for all Facebook reconnects). I answered and everything changed.

Long story short, I am joining Joe on a four month sprint to get a new service to market that is web-based as well as iPhone- and Android-based. I jokingly tell friends, “I’m going to write an app with a friend from college and get rich!” But the truth of the matter is that Joe has a killer idea and the months to follow are going to be intense and exciting.

So I am sad to be leaving Pfizer (again) and if this venture fails I may yet return a third time. But, I’m filled with optimism and I feel more alive now than I have in some time: I’m taking a risk with a large potential payoff and even though it is scary, it is also exhilarating and something I have desperately needed for some time now.

I never do New Year’s resolutions but I was inspired to do so this year. Ann and I have been pushing hard the last year or so to improve our lives. She’s started taking classes at RISD, I’ve returned to the theater, our son has crossed over from Cub Scouts to a Boy Scout troop, we’re renovating the house Ann grew up in, and other smaller projects as well. The one major area we had not touched was my career. I felt that I needed to push myself so I resolved to change things up, take some risks, and finally move forward instead of playing it safe as I had been. It only took a few weeks into the new year before the opportunity presented itself!

I don’t know what the future holds but I am excited to be taking an active part in it again for myself and for my family.

What’s really fun is figuring out what tools I need to manage a project working entirely on a Mac. At Pfizer and Merck everything was Windows and Sharepoint and Microsoft Project and Outlook. Those tools are all fine but now it’s MacOS X and Dropbox and OmniPlan and Mail.app and BusyCal. I’m playing with Basecamp, Campfire, and Backpack, I’m investigating Flow, and considering a number of other tools (especially ones that interop well with an iPad and iPhone). We’re experimenting with FaceTime, iChat video chat, Skype video chat, and even Xbox Kinect video chat (though that one is a non-starter for many reasons).

And, of course, my days are spent wrapping up my work at Pfizer and preparing the transition plans because, of course, once we were well down the road to making this a reality, they extended my contract. Between days working for Pfizer and nights planning the new venture and taking my son to Karate classes, Troop meetings and campouts, working crew for the latest Swamp Meadow Community Theatre show (Footloose), and helping back at the Pack as an Assistant Den Leader for the Bears I am pretty busy. But it’s a good busy and am having a great time.

So, that should explain why I’ve been so quiet on this site for a bit. And why I almost certainly will continue being quiet for the next while.


Stupid Ideas

My friend Mur, author of the wonderful Playing for Keeps (don’t stop,  just order and read, trust me) posted a blog entry that resonated with me on every level possible.

First, go here and read it. Done? Yes, I like Zefrank too.

Anyway, just the other day, Ann and I had a conversation in which we expressed our frustration with life. We’re doing fine but we’ve been feeling like we’ve been running up a gravel hill for some time now. Ann put it best when she pointed out that we were doing better when we were younger and were taking more risks. We weren’t doing the safe and smart thing all of the time. Not that we were being stupid, we were just worrying less and being a bit more adventurous. And it paid off for us. But these last few years, we’ve been making safe choices, doing smart things, being (dare I say it?) conservative (no, not that kind of conservative) and it hasn’t been paying off for us. We’ve felt stymied and defeated and, generally, less fulfilled. 

We were thinking that it was time to take some risks again. No, we don’t need to take the kinds of risks that could result in the loss of health and home but we can take the kinds of risks that make us feel alive and are personally and maybe even financially rewarding.

It was in the few days after that conversation, as we both began spinning out some of the ways we can change things and move ourselves forward in a new direction that I saw Mur’s post and it struck me that we do not necessarily need to think large. We can do this on the micro-level and the aggregate will be the kind of rewards we are looking for.

So, on the heels of both of these, I took the one idea I’ve been playing with the last few days and decided to run with it full steam ahead. We’ll see where that leads me. It’s a start and I’m feeling pretty excited about it.

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