What One Beer Does to Me Now…

So, I came back from hiatus to not blog for a few days. Guess I got busy. What’s weird is that whenever my wife and son are away, I have less free time than when they are here. What’s up with that? Granted, I built Ikea furniture last night (an entertainment unit) and tonight Chris came over to help me get all the electronics into it and get it moved into the corner where it lives. He hit on a brilliant idea: we figured out where all the wires needed to be and put them through the various holes in back of the unit and then moved the unit against the wall and then put the components in and just hooked them up. Did that make sense? The alternative is to push the unit into place and try to reach behind to run the wires. Got it? Hello? Is this thing on? Hello?

Ahem. Never mind. It worked.

In other news, my case of Dr. Pepper arrived today. I ordered a case from the Dublin, Texas bottling plant which is the only Dr. Pepper plant in the country that still makes it with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. It’s tasty!

While I’m babbling, here’s a dinner suggestion: a spinach tortilla, rice, peanut sauce, and chicken that’s been sauteed with peppers and mushrooms. Roll, eat. Yum.

Good West Wing tonight.

Ok, I’m pretty much done here. Night!