Welcome to the South

So, lately I’ve been having these “Welcome to the South” moments. I call them that because every time I comment on them, my friend Chris simply shrugs and says “Welcome to the South!” Take this afternoon. After work, Chris and I headed out to get some dinner at the Ballston mall. On the way there, we saw a pickup truck driven by a man who’s name had to end with “the hutt.” I mean, this guy was enormous. And he was sitting in his truck in a way that can only be described as announcing “Hey! I’m incredibly fat! And I’m proud!” I’d never seen anything like it. “Welcome to the south!”

I guess so. Of course, there are other benefits to living here. Liz and I had lunch at the Tidal Basin and sat across from the Jefferson Monument and all the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Absolutely gorgeous.