Fenway Park

A picture named barefoot.jpgRIght after the Red Sox won the first game of the double-header we got into the car and drove up to Boston to take in Game #2 in person. On our way through Cambridge, our old stomping grounds which we still miss greatly, we drove by the greatest bookstore on the planet: Barefoot Books. Too bad we didn’t have time to go in, but we probably saved a lot of money by avoiding it!

A picture named Fenway-1.jpgAh, Fenway… Our seats were a bit higher and a bit to the right (and by bit, I mean bit. This was, essentially, our view). At the bottom of this section (at the end of the stairs) and in the first seat to the right, note the woman in the plaid shirt. That’s Nancy. She’s had season tickets to the Red Sox since 1976. She sometimes offers up her second seat and I’ve gone to a number of games with her over the years. She’s got great stories to tell about the Sox and the people around them and I always enjoy a chance to chat with her. Ann and I stopped by to say hello as we always do when we visit Fenway park.

A picture named Fenway-2.jpgFenway Park: where the smokers smoke under the no smoking signs and people stand in the no standing zones. Gotta love it!

A picture named Fenway-3.jpgThe view from the box seats down front. One day when I have enough disposable income, I’ll get seats down here… Shea Hillenbrand is at bat.

A picture named Fenway-4.jpgI don’t know if these pictures convey how beautiful and wonderful Fenway Park is, but it truly is a magic place. A Baseball Cathedral.