The Heat Wave from Hell

A picture named Jack-water.jpgWhat else do you do on a hot day? Give the hose to Jack and run!

A picture named Jack-Hot.jpgJack hot and sweaty playing lazily with a toy train in his playpen. (He’s such a good kid. He’s perfectly capable of climbing out but he doesn’t. He respects that sometimes we just need him to stay put when at Nana and Grandpa’s even though he has no playpen at home.)

Today is supposed to be the worst of it and then we move out of it into 70s and 80s. Ugh. Last night was just awful. We checked Jack at 2AM and he was so hot we took off his top, gave him fresh, cold juice, and moved the fan to point directly at him. That helped. But we were still very worried last night. We knew how awful we felt and they say the “very young” are especially succeptible. I don’t know if 28 months is the “very young” but we were worried all the same.