Astoundingly Beautiful

Today we drove to Lowe’s on some errands and then to Leesburg for lunch. We discovered The Green Tree restaurant which was just amazing. It’s interior is very much an 1800’s tavern complete with fireplace (complete with fire) and some really amazing food. From there, we just decided to wander. We drove up Route 15 to the Potomac River and across to Point of Rocks, Maryland. From there we alternated between Route 28 and this amazing scenic drive as we headed back south east towards Washington.

The trees are just past peak but there are still quite a few gorgeous trees. The colors are incredibly rich in places and the roads we drove along were more like tunnels under these amazing canopies. The sky itself was a dark, rich blue as we drove towards what looked to be pretty heavy rains (we never saw more than a brief misting). We drove through forests and past farms. In many places the farms were so picturesque that we could have sworn we were in a postcard. I even saw my first belted galloway cow. Over and over we kept saying how beautiful it was outside. It was just the perfect day.

Too bad we didn’t bring a camera. We’re thinking of going back and doing it again tomorrow with camera but we’ll see… we drove nearly 100 miles today! Doing that again is a bit daunting, no matter how beautiful it is.