The Garage, The Quilt, The Chocolate, The Shower

Today I cleaned up the garage enough to get Ann’s Civic into it. Not that there’s much point in that since we’re going to donate it to charity soon. It needs almost $700 worth of work to pass its emissions test and is currently unregistered. So, it’s pretty useless to us and selling it would probably be quite tough. So, off it goes to charity and we get back a bit in our taxes.

A picture named HangingQuilt.jpgThis evening Chris Kagy came over and helped me hang a quilt in the hallway. And by helped I mean that he did most of the work while I handed him things, held the ladder, and did the complicated math (“What’s half of 35?”). In the end, the quilt was hung and looks fantastic. The only real problem we had was figuring out how to fold and unfold the folding ladder to get it into the positions/places we needed it to be. Who knew you needed an engineering degree to use a ladder? (And how happy am I that I was able to get to the house of the person we borrowed it from and just lightly toss it into the car. Well, carefully edging it in and securing it with bungies so as to not scratch anything at all, but you get the idea.

A picture named JackIceCream1.jpgWhile this was all happening, we heard a lot of noise in the kitchen. Rumor had it that something funny was happening. We were a bit too wrapped up in what we were doing to pay much attention. It wasn’t until I went to the video camera to get the image of Chris and I above that I found out the true extent of what happened.

A picture named JackIceCream2.jpgI’m on a diet. Weight Watchers part 3. I’ve done it twice before with great results (just managed to blow the good habits and gain it back again afterwards). So, I’m watching what I eat. Ann asked Jack what he wanted for dessert and he said chocolate milk. We don’t have any chocolate syrup so I suggested he eat my Ben & Jerry’s since it (a) is so fattening I can’t even look at the container without gaining weight and need it out of the house ASAP and (b) It has chocolate in it.

A picture named JackIceCream3.jpgOf course, it wasn’t enough to just eat the chocolate ice cream. No, Jack had to melt it and then slap the table. I expect that we’ll be finding chocolate spots on the walls, floor, chairs, and the Mac in the background of the picture for weeks to come.

A picture named JackIceCream4.jpgAll things considered it was a fun evening. Even the part where Jack had a small accident in the bath tub and had to get re-cleaned while Ann cleaned the bath tub. I took him into our bathroom and took a shower with him. At first he was a bit freaked out by the falling water until I told him it was raining. Then he loved it. After we got out, got dry and went into his room to get him into his PJs he said “Taking shower with daddy!” I just know he’s going to go say that at preschool. Out of context, it sounds very bad. I just know we’re going to be getting a phone call next week…