One Long Drive

I don’t know what idiocy compelled us to not drive from Virginia to Rhode Island yesterday instead of today, Sunday. It took us well over 2 and a half hours longer than it should have. We ended up detouring in New Jersey along I195 and the Garden State Parkway to avoid a huge jam between exits 7 and 8A on the Turnpike to get stuck in a major jam at the George Washington Bridge. So, we detoured onto the Henry Hudson Parkway up to the Cross County Parkway (which was fun since I used to live right alongside that parkway when I was a kid so we got to wave at my old stomping grounds) to the Hutch to the Merritt and then finally back onto I95 in CT. When we hit the third major traffic jam along I95 after New Haven, we’d run out of sneaky detours we knew so we just stuck with it and got through it.

The hell of it all is that I have to work tonight so after all that, we arrived and now I’m online working. Major ugh.

Anyway, we’re back in New England again to visit family and friends (who we, of course, forgot to pre-warn we were coming…)