Home Again

Long week.

I didn’t really feel like travelling. I wasn’t needing a vacation from work. I just wanted to stay put and just keep on rolling. But we had to get Ann’s folks back to Rhode Island so we went.

On New Year’s eve, we took Jack to Edaville Railroad which he loved. It helped that the night was a foggy night where the water was completely still and mirror-like. The lights were ethereal in places.

After that, we dropped Jack with his grandparents and went out for Sushi. We did this last year and sat next to Phil, a real character. He talked our ears off at the Sushi bar and gave us all kinds of advice about sushi in general. He’d been to every sushi bar on the east coast and Haruki (where we were) was the best of them all. I’ve had sushi in Boston and Vancouver and it was certainly my favorite.

We figured Sushi was a good tradition for New Year’s so we returned. Once again, the sushi was just perfect and we were quite happy. As we got up to leave we realized that we were once again sitting next to Phil. We said hi but he didn’t remember us. Guess we’re not as memorable as he was. But we figured that since 2002 was such a good year for us, Phil was something of a good luck charm so we’re thinking it’s a good sign for 2003.

We went on to see The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers again and that’s where we were at midnight.

So, looking back at 2002, let’s review last year’s resolutions:

Properly thank everyone who has done so much for us and to always be sure I am being there and doing the same for them, should they need it.
I think I did OK with this one. It’s hard to say. I guess we can always do better at stuff like this so I’ll just assume I need to keep going with this one in 2003.
Get going on baby #2 and have it work this time, dammit!
We certain got going but nothing took. So, we decided back in the summer to take a 6+ month break. Our plan now is go to back to Italy. We went there right before conceiving Jack and we figure that’s a necessary ingredient.
Get ourselves settled and stop the nomadic life we are living currently.
This we did. We bought a house and got ourselves all in one place. And we did it right on schedule. We said we’d be in our own place by March and we closed on the house on February 27th.
Get ourselves to a place where we can sit back and enjoy life. Really enjoy life.
This we also did. We got to do a lot more and enjoy ourselves a lot more. It helps that Jack basically demands this of us 🙂
Well, I have lost 40 pounds so far…
Play more Playstation 2 (it’s my only vice, give me a break!)
Ok, on this one I failed. But I did use the playstation 2 to watch a lot more DVDs this year…

For this year, I have decided that I don’t really need a lot of resolutions. Basically, we just need to nail down the financial side of our lives and carry out our plan for baby #2. Aside from that, we just need to keep balance in our lives (I’m stealing that one from Chris) and remember to stop and smell the flowers.

Happy New Year everyone!