We’re nearly ready to go. A few things to buy, many things to pack, and then we’re off. Jack will be staying with my sister for six days which should be interesting. We really don’t know how he is going to handle both of us being away. Hopefully, my sister Jen will keep him busy enough he doesn’t notice. We’ll see.

We fly out of JFK on Friday night, arrive in Amsterdam Saturday morning. We’re staying at AMS Hotel Holland which is only a 2 star hotel. Here’s hoping that it’s not bad…

The conference I’m attending is for Daisy, an XML-based standard for making audio-books navigable rather than linear. It’s a bit rarified but we’re doing some work for the American Foundation for the Blind and I’m sharing the podium with someone from AFB next Wednesday showing off a demo we are putting together for them.

The conference is being held at ARTIS, on the grounds of the Zoo. It’s waaaay across town from the hotel but I did that on purpose. I love the idea of renting a bike for the week and riding along the canal to get to the conference. If the weather sucks, I’ll take the tram. Ann, meanwhile, will have lots and lots of time to wander around and see the sights. She’s all excited about an exhibit at the Van Gogh museum, just three blocks from the hotel.

I plan on blogging the trip so long as I can find a convenient way to get online. I decided not to opt for dial-in but instead hope to find either a cybercafe where I can use one of their computers or a cafe which provides wireless access so I can use my laptop. I’m still researching the latter option.

Anyway, we’re pretty excited to be going, even if it is a working vacation.