In Amsterdam!

We’re here! The trip getting here was a bit grueling. We were supposed to leave home at 2PM on Thursday to get to my sister Jen’s in the Woodstock, NY area by 9PM or so. Instead, we left DC at 9PM and stopped for some sleep at my sister Ann’s at 2:30AM. At 8AM we continued to Jen’s, dropped Jack off (something that was much harder for us than him) and then raced back down to Ann’s. She drove us to JFK through some thick traffic which made us nervous. But, in the end, we got to our flight in plenty of time. The flight itself was very turbulent but was otherwise nice. We saw Northern lights from the plane!

We landed and got to our hotel and had them hold our bags since we can’t actually check in for some time. We called my cousin once removed (Mom’s cousin) Vim and have spent the last few hours getting the grand tour.

I managed to find a free/open wireless drop so here I am posting and uploading pictures.

The first set of pictures

More to follow!

(Oh, if you are trying to reach me, my cell phone ain’t working. Until we figure out what’s what, email is your best bet)