Tempest in a Teapot

The Globe and Mail talks about the truly silly controversy over Kerry’s medals. The Republicans are trying (and suceeding) in making what he threw back or did not throw back during Vietnam protests an issue in the campaign. But leave it to the Canadians to put things in the right perspective:

But what is perhaps most bizarre about the current controversy is that it is Mr. Kerry’s Vietnam record, not his opponent’s, that has become an issue.

Mr. Kerry’s Vietnam record could hardly be more different than that of President George W. Bush. Both had privileged and powerful families whose leverage was sufficient to keep their sons far from Vietnam and the supposedly universal military draft of 18-year-old males.

Mr. Kerry joined the U.S. Navy before being drafted and served with distinction. But Mr. Bush, in circumstances that remain unexplained, managed to secure a spot in the Texas Air National Guard, a near-certain way of avoiding combat in Southeast Asia. Even the extent of that service remains unclear, with gaping and unexplained gaps in his record.

I actually find things like this encouraging. What the Republicans have had to offer in terms of attacks are pretty small potatoes. This is all they have? This is the best they can do?