iTunes 4.5

Andrew talks about the new iTunes 4.5 print features and laments that it is only a half-way done feature.

Andrew, check out OmniGraffle which, while not free, is a fantastic program for doing all kinds of great diagrams. I use it at work for a great deal. It has an extra download which is an AppleScript which does the full jewel case labels for you. Select a playlist, run the script, and boom. It’s very nice.

In other news, I’m loving the new iTunes. I’ve already uploaded two iMixes, Andythology ’83 and Andythology ’03 The former is what iTunes could find in its store of a 3 tape collection my sister made me back in 1983. The latter is what iTunes had in its store from a “my all time favorites” list I put together last year. They are woefully missing many good tracks, but they’re still good mixes.