Who Invented Podcasting?

A small controversy has been brewing in the land of Podcasting. Wired published an article about Adam Curry which, Dave Winer felt gave Adam all of the credit. More to the point, Dave appears to have felt that Adam was taking all of the credit. Xeni, of BoingBoing posted a note letting readers know that Adam was more than gracious in giving credit to Dave and that it was editing that caused things to appear slanted.

My own article in TidBITS does, I believe, I good job at being even-handed and tries to capture the origins accurately and concisely. It is based on my own research, my interview with Dave Winer, and listening to many, many podcasts including Morning Coffee Notes, The Daily Source Code, and IT Conversations. I have privately and publicly invited Adam to read the article and let me know if he feels I got anything wrong so that I can set the record straight. Dave linked to the article and has said nothing that contradicts it though he is also welcome to comment if he feels anything has been misstated.

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