Running: Reboot or Bust A Move

Two weeks. I would have been on the dreaded week 5 with the 20 minute non-stop jog. But that damn kidney stone put me on the DL and I’m only now able to get back out and into it again.

I had the stone zapped on Tuesday. A thoroughly exciting process that I have no memory of thanks to the lovely drugs they gave me. But the stone is gone now and after giving myself 24 or so hours to recover from the procedure and to come down from two weeks of pain and Percocet, I am ready to begin again.

I debated from where to resume the C25K program. I finally decided, in part based on advice from someone on, to return to the beginning. As they put it, I need to build the infrastructure for the later weeks and after two weeks, I have pretty much lost it. I agree. I decided, since it’s Thursday and I still want to keep this on a roughly Tue/Thu/Sat plan, to start with Week 1 Day 2. I figured if I get to Day 3 and find that I’m struggling, I can always do the third day of Week 1 and then move on. Otherwise, I can move on after 2 days or even skip ahead.

Well, I won’t be skipping ahead. It was a slog today. Sure, I went out for a run/walk a week ago but, other than that, it’s been two sedentary weeks. So, while I didn’t have any pain, I did have a lack of puff, as my father-in-law would say.

But I made it. Now my legs are stiff… but I’ll live…