Marketing & Web Design

I have designed many websites and was a strong advocate for accessible web design and CSS-based design (as opposed to table-based) before it was mainstream. Among the many projects are (US Dept. of Labor), Chandra X-Ray Observatory Launch site and main site (Harvard-Smithsonian Observatory), Houghton Mifflin Interactive’s website, the Technology in Education Program website (Harvard Graduate School of Education), and the Cables Course (Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance). I am fluent in HTML/CSS/JavaScript as well as PHP and WordPress theme development.

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EZRO One-Page Flier, 2003
EZRO One-Page Flier, 2003

In addition to designing websites, I have also designed and created many posters, fliers, brochures, one-pagers, and presentations for clients over the years. Years of marketing experience coupled with my own expertise in social media has drawn me to social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), which I have used to improve search engine rankings for various sites over the years.

At Intermarkets, Inc., I developed (themes & plugins) and hosted two high profile political sites.  When I started in 2014, the sites would buckle if there were more than about 1,400 simultaneous users. I optimized the existing themes, removed or swapped out poor performing plugins, and worked with our hosting provider to improve our database connections. Those changes got us to  nearly 14,000 simultaneous users and the sites have stayed running. But I didn’t stop there, my team and I migrated the sites to AWS building out Elastic Beanstalk Apps that supported auto scaling. At last count, it could handle 40K users without breaking a sweat.

I have designed new themes for both sites in WordPress from the ground up using Bootstrap that are highly responsive, accessible, and allow for maximum editorial flexibility.

At Automattic, the company behind, my role was helping my clients have exceptional experiences with WordPress and this requires deep knowledge of the entire ecosystem and toolset. As a strong advocate for accessibility, I was part of a group working to build better standards into everything we do.