Project & Program Management

Project Highlights in Chronological Order

This is only a partial list showing the highlights. I have managed projects using both waterfall and agile (and multiple flavors of agile), from teams of 2 to teams of 65+ both locally and internationally, and from budgets in the thousands to budgets in the tens of millions.

  • DocCentral & RSGT Migration, Pfizer 2006.
    • Migration of two systems from data centers that were closing down to new facilities. One required a complete upgrade to an existing system (that was discovered after the project was scoped out) and the other required moving an ancient Sun server on a truck as the system would not run on newer hardware. In order to mitigate risk, I called all around until I found someone in the Ann Arbor facility who had the same hardware and got them to load a full dump of the system so we had a failover if the server happened to break in transit.
    • Numerous smaller projects including rescuing a project that had gone badly under another PM. Pfizer 2006-2009.
  • Program Support Team (PMO at Pfizer), 2007-2009.
    • I was hired as a Project Manager but was asked to join the SAIC team building a PMO within Pfizer. In addition to mentoring new project managers in Pfizer’s specific project lifecycle, I also helped found the Program Health Reporting group and devised a zero-cost Sharepoint system for PMs to report weekly status saving the cost of purchasing a more complicated system. Compliance with weekly reporting improved dramatically within days of it going live.
  • Rosetta Migration, Merck, 2090.
    • Relocated all computing assets for a bioinformatics team moving from Seattle to Boston
  • Linux Compute Cluster. Merck, 2090.
    • Lead project to build out a high powered Linux computing cluster for bioinformatics research.
  • Large File Transfer Program, Merck, 2010.
    • Worked across teams to devise a system for the moving of massively large files into and out of Merck via physical media
  • Microsoft EPM P11 to P12 Upgrade. Pfizer, 2010.
    • The EPM server hosts thousands of projects running in excess of 30 years; we believe it to be on the largest installations in the world. Microsoft wasn’t able to help us with this one. I managed a large team of IT staff across different groups in Pfizer including an external team leading an off-shore development effort to upgrade needed tools used with Microsoft Project and the EPM server. Incidentally, this project had failed two years prior and this was the second attempt. So, risk mitigation was a major priority. The upgrade went off very smoothly and we came in under budget.
  • Ozmott (iOS and Android App), Ozmott 2011-2014
    • Lead the development team building an iOS and Android app as well as the back-end server for an e-commerce app.
  • Intermarkets, Inc., 2014-2018
    • Oversaw multiple internal projects including multiple WordPress theme development/update projects, plugin development projects, and a large migration of all hosting from Rackspace to AWS.
  • Automattic, Inc., 2019-2021
    • Managed 15-20 projects at any given time building WordPress websites for influential clients of the company.
    • Worked closely with the design team to improve the way projects are handed off from design to development.
  • Pfizer, Inc., 2021-Present
    • Managed multiple projects implementing bug fixes or AI features to automate the work of classifying adverse event reports coming in globally from Pfizer Drug Safety Units.
    • In 2022, I took over leadership of PVAI Inc’s PVAI application (SaaS) and have managed multiple projects upgrading and fixing the capabilities of the system.